January 2012

Just a quick chart for the Day Traders amongst you to keep an eye on. I currently have a day trade long position open in DOW and this chart shows both my initial upside target but more importantly a level that may warrant looking for short entries if resistance is comfirmed. Not shown on the chart is the Fibonacci levels, so to confirm, this

This Week played out completely opposite to last Week in the sense that the few day trades I took gave excellent returns whilst the Swing Trades underperformed. We saw a fair level of volatility across various Markets which is great for day trading but I'd have to say of all the potential swing trade set-ups I'd been watching, those I took were generally

Entered 2 new swing positions today, a EUR:GBP short and a EUR:USD short which I'll discuss here. Just to get things straight, this position is risky, has low probability of being an instant winner, and goes against short term retail sentiment which is incredibly bullish right now. However if the main trend is still to remain

The rally in Cable over the last couple of Weeks has shown considerable strength and though I have mixed opinions from a fundamental perspective, it is more than possible we'll see trade-able pull back from current levels. Judging how deep that pull back will be is a little more tricky, so here are a few charts to help you find your own conclusion: