February 2012

There's so little to swing trade at the moment and even less to talk about so I've resorted to creating my own charts just to spark up some discussion! Ok, this idea really doesn't appear to offer much value ahead of a prospective trade, but on occasion if I'm considering a trading idea, I'll add some candles to a chart just to see if the potential

It's fair to say I spent much of the last Week sitting on my hands. The 2 currencies taking centre stage have been the Japanese Yen and the Swiss Franc which is exactly as I suggested in last Week's trading review. As the latter has some quite significant risks attached to it in  the form of SNB's (so far weightless) promise to intervene, only the short Yen trade offered

Having Day Traded FTSE and DOW for a few years I've built up an over-familiarity with them that skews my judgement when  making long term forecasts. Furthermore, it's not often that I'll swing trade these Indices because again, my familiarity with them causes me to cut positions too early for the wrong reasons, i.e I'm so used to their constant twists and turns, I'll often exit a swing trade with a view to

I always feel quite conscious when I've not updated the site for a couple of days. The traffic keeps coming but nothing new for anyone to read! Unfortunately if there's nothing convincing in the charts it becomes difficult to keep the site updated with stuff that's on topic and interesting. I've sat on my hands most of this Week though finally gave up messing around with GBP:CHF as it wasn't responding to any of my analysis. I'm happy I stopped out early now because

This Week was pretty manic in all aspects. Many great looking trading set-ups developed some of which gave the appearance of major reversals across some trending markets. Indices on Wednesday were most obvious with gap up opens and large bearish engulfing reversal candle's by the day's close. If there's one thing that can nullify a bearish engulfing daily candle, it's a

AUD:NZD has probably been my one of my favourite FX pairs over the last 12 Months, mainly because every set-up I've entered has played out beautifully and in doing so it inspired confidence in each subsequent position. On this latest trade I may be pushing things a little too far. The set-up is far from perfect but due to the fact I've spent so much of the last year trading each AUD:NZD twist and turn, my confidence level may have exceeded