March 2012

DOW Price has been trading within the confines of a box on the 4 hourly chart and this afternoon we've had the first 4 hourly candle close outside the box limits. As an aggressive trade I'll be looking to enter short on confirmed failure of price to re-enter the box and I'll be targeting an initial down side move towards

We've already discussed the Trending Characteristics of  The New Zealand Dollar in this previous post analysing GBP:NZD so I'll get straight to the point on this one. NZD:USD is showing some fairly classic signs of a short term top on multiple time frames and although I don't think price will play out quite like my annotated price projection, it gives an idea of

Almost certainly a little premature with this one as price continues to make new highs whilst COT report shows traders are now net short the Japanese Yen for the first time in recent history. As you may know from previous discussions surrounding CAD:JPY, I've never been interested in the long side of this pair, partly due to the fact that none of my systems have triggered buy signals since the trend reversed a couple of Month's back and partly because

There are a few charts I'd like to post ahead of Sunday Night's FX Market Open and I'll start with GBP:NZD If there's one thing that can be said about the New Zealand Dollar, it's been one of the best Trending Forex Pairs during recent times. I say the best, because although other pairs have trended reasonably well, the New Zealand Dollar does so smoothly without huge whipsaws. There are certainly a few NZD pairs that I regret not participating in. For GBP:NZD the 15th Decmember 2011 high down to the 15th February 2012 low captured a 2000 point move with the largest retrace being just 350 points. Nice if you can get it! For the last 3 Weeks price has been forming a possible bowl shaped rounded bottom. I do find these long winded rounded bottoms difficult to trust but the advantage of them being you can usually spot very quickly when your trade is

Another Week has passed and still there is little to say as decent trading set-ups, although plentiful in the main, are not catching my eye at the right time or do not offer levels of probability that I'm comfortable with. Despite Indices being comatose, the odd FX pair delivered great moves but unfortunately not whilst on my radar. I did enter a GBP:CAD swing short on Monday morning at 1.5929 with every intention of posting up the analysis, but on reflection I decided there