August 2013

Sadly other commitments have prevented me from trading again this Week and although I cast an occasional eye over the charts in the hope of finding a ripe set-up to trade, I've not really seen anything convincing. I keep going over a few of the Yen and USD based charts but for now most remain within the confines of previous trading ranges making a directional call outside of those ranges quite difficult to make. Unsure if its just my state of mind or whether others are observing the same, but I've found most of the trade-able moves over the last few Months have come from relatively weak technical set-ups and arising from low volume.

Unfortunately due to personal circumstances I was unable to trade this Week. One trade was taken, A GBP:USD short that delivered around 150 pips over a 24 hour period, but sadly I wasn't able to post an analysis ahead of the trade. This trade therefore will not be listed in the Trades log. Hopefully things will quieten down this Week and I'll be able to get some new analysis up.