USD:CHF has shown considerable weakness lately so I've been waiting for a suitable retrace to enter into the trend. Although bearish in the main, USD:CHF is entering oversold territory on some time frames so the aim here is really to test the water with a view to covering the position on any sign of incorrect timing.

I've been told off through a couple of recent comments about the lack of updates to the site! It's certainly true that I've missed out on a couple of great trading set-ups that I've not had chance to post nor enter simply due to lack of time to spend at the screen and updating the site. The original plan for the site was to use the time I'd have otherwise spent day trading on updating the site and analysing prospective swing trades but for the last couple of Months I've barely been doing either of those things due to commitments elsewhere. 

A couple of Week's back I posted details of CHF:JPY as being a potential swing long entry as the daily 200 MA offered support offering an initial upside target of 91.37 and a break beyond that would provide fresh air through to 94.44 That post can be found here. It was my intention to talk in further detail with regards to the upside potential on CHF:JPY over the Weekend but unfortunately family circumstances prevented me from doing so. So, as a late update to the situation here's a quick chart showing