DOW Price has been trading within the confines of a box on the 4 hourly chart and this afternoon we've had the first 4 hourly candle close outside the box limits. As an aggressive trade I'll be looking to enter short on confirmed failure of price to re-enter the box and I'll be targeting an initial down side move towards

I've just entered a spur of the moment USD:CAD long at 0.9993 based on some of the following parameters. Firstly, although not a major factor in this decision, this long position has the potential to act as a hedge against my existing GBP:CAD short position (showing a 10 pip profit as I type). Ultimately the real decision for the basis of this trade was made upon

Just a quick chart for the Day Traders amongst you to keep an eye on. I currently have a day trade long position open in DOW and this chart shows both my initial upside target but more importantly a level that may warrant looking for short entries if resistance is comfirmed. Not shown on the chart is the Fibonacci levels, so to confirm, this