If you were long over the New Year Weekend then you will have almost certainly enjoyed today's Market action with huge gap-up open's taking price outside of the previous trading range. If U.S Indices close red today then we statistically have a possible topping signal as SPX displays a number of gap-up opens with red closes at or near previous swing highs. However, the point of this post is really

Whilst volumes are low this week I've taken a break from hunting out new swing trades and will be spending my time day trading Indices. Here follows my current trading map of the DOW: On  4 hourly I have a line at 12,322 Absolutely no idea why I've put this line there and no idea why I've only got it on the 4 hourly time frame. Whatever made me put it there in the first place (a long time ago) would have been a good

This post is borne out of the fact that I was caught on the wrong side of the trade today whilst running day trades on the DOW. What works for me consistently, simply didn't today and everything I tried in order to correct the situation made it worse! So I've taken a closer look at the DOW and decided I'll share my findings....even though there's still no solid conclusion! Daily chart is still showing identical characteristics of the

Here is a DOW Chart Pattern I've been keeping an eye on and now is probably the best time to share it with you, not necessarily as a trading idea because the repetition of a single pattern is not in itself  means to take a position, but it's something we should all be aware of to enable us to take full advantage of if other factors begin to support it as a solid trading idea.