AUD:NZD has probably been my one of my favourite FX pairs over the last 12 Months, mainly because every set-up I've entered has played out beautifully and in doing so it inspired confidence in each subsequent position. On this latest trade I may be pushing things a little too far. The set-up is far from perfect but due to the fact I've spent so much of the last year trading each AUD:NZD twist and turn, my confidence level may have exceeded

With the U.S Markets closed today for MLK day volumes have been low and there really isn't anything substantial going on in any of the Indices or Forex Markets I watch. All existing set-ups detailed here over the last fortnight are either still in play or their respective moves are in progress. In fact, I wish I took some more of those trades because some have performed

As any regular readers will already know, I had a wonderful swing long on this pair throughout the summer of 2011 and have since been waiting for it to show it's hand as to the next direction. This Week there have been some developments and it's getting closer to giving us some clues as to whether it will finally reverse at the current resistance or at the very least offer a credible trade-able correction.