A Few From The Watch List; EUR:AUD, NZD:JPY, EUR:GBP; CHF:JPY

A Few From The Watch List; EUR:AUD, NZD:JPY, EUR:GBP; CHF:JPY

Whilst we await the arrival of the Quad Witching Week volatility, here are a few FX pairs creeping in under the radar showing just a very quick picture of where they are and where they’re likely to go…


EUR:AUD on Friday:

EUR:AUD Today. Might be worth looking for longs from a successful back test of the previously resisting trend line. 1.2478 area must offer support for this to work out.

If your initial thought’s are “That don’t look bullish”, then here’s the upside down version – AUD:EUR:



Not a lot to say, different time frames show different possibilities. Definitely an interesting inflection point nonetheless. Would be very suprised if price doesn’t at least attempt to rally a bit from here. At least for a decent day trade if nothing else:


Probably see 115 points upside to the 50% fib on this one.

Doubt I’ll take the trade though, although it is tempting. My main analysis is based on the Quarterly chart and I want to see how this Quarter ends before committing to anything:


Probably 150 points of upside here as price goes on to re-test that resistance.

If it breaks through, could have a load more upside:

  • RS2OOO
    Posted at 12:41h, 13 March

    EUR:AUD and EUR:GBP failed their respective setups.

    I still like the idea of a swing short on EUR:GBP as per analysis detailed over the last few Months, just waiting a little longer for further confirmation before pressing the button. Ideally a red quarterly close will confirm.

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