FTSE, SPX & DOW Brief Mid Week Analysis; 28th March 2013

FTSE, SPX & DOW Brief Mid Week Analysis; 28th March 2013

Whilst waiting for previously discussed swing trade entries (aside from NZD:CHF where I entered the proposed swing long), here’s a snap shot of whats going on with Indices.

FTSE 4 Hourly.

No obvious direction but I’d probably want to wait for the outcome of this descending triangle before taking any position. A descending triangle is usually bearish and a breakdown would offer a technical measured move target of 6135

If price breaks up, then a new pattern will form, but back above the 100 MA and its probably bullish initially with a test of existing highs followed potentially by new highs.
FTSE 4 hourly 37th March 2013

DOW 4 hourly

Price has formed a mini channel.¬†Probability solely based on previous¬†occurrences¬†that I’ve logged suggests, throw-overs aside, the channel would be more likely to fail to the downside.

I’m currently short DOW, but I don’t think this chart has any real evidence at this stage that a short is the right way to go. In view of this my stops are at break-even as I’m just chancing it that we could fall from here based on some unconfirmed signals on the 5 min chart.
DOW 4 hourly channel 27th March 2013

To revisit the longer term charts of SPX and FTSE, the ideal reversal levels defined by these strangely interesting trend lines on the Monthly charts are yet to be achieved. Although you can’t confidently base targets from such long term and possibly obscure patterns, you can certainly try a low risk counter-trend trade if the levels get achieved and if you are lucky you might just manage to top-tick the entry for a stonking low risk trade.


Huge long term triangle pattern on the Monthly chart:
FTSE Monthly 27th March 2013


Huge long term megaphone pattern on the Monthly chart:
SPX Monthly 27th march 2013

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