Support And Resistance…. From The Watch List

Support And Resistance…. From The Watch List

Here’s a few charts from the current Watch list.

Most of these correlate with one another so if S/R works on one of them, it should work on all of them simultaneously. But there’s always a spanner in the works somewhere….. FTSE has broken it’s support:

NZD USD – Support

I find it interesting how important levels coincide, notice how support aligns with the original falling wedge break-out.

EUR AUD – Resistance

One of my favourites. Been waiting a while for the retest of the previous high. Now looking for a 2B top possibly with a marginal higher high:

AUD NZD – Resistance

You may already know from my last post, this one is right up there on the watch list alongside EUR:AUD above. A daily candle sell off from the 200 MA would be ideal:

DOW – Support

Wait for the FTSE chart before getting excited about this one.

FTSE – Broken Support

Does FTSE lead the Indices? Most people think not, but I believe it does. FTSE is mainly Commodity driven these days.

Time will tell whether it’s a sign of what will happen to DOW support in the above chart.

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  • RS2OOO
    Posted at 17:12h, 14 May

    NZD:USD broke the support today, however, based on positive MACD divergence on lower time frames I decided to buy it intraday on the basis of running it as a swing as long as the daily candle closes:

    a) Green
    b) as a doji in which case I’ll run it and see what tomorrow brings
    c) above the resistance level.

  • RS2OOO
    Posted at 21:38h, 14 May

    NZD:USD out for breakeven. Didn’t fulfil criteria to run as a swing.