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Well I’ve had a brilliant 3 hours of dow scalping today. I didn’t trade or post today because I was running around banbury and coventry and no time to actually screen watch. I often stop at a costa for a bit of me time but due to staff illness problems I’m having to cover for a couple of guys. When I got home at 6ish I decided to try the dow which is not my favourite index.

Any how 9 trades and +228 points. I thought that was pretty good until I looked at my first entry and I see that the dow is over 250 points higher now. I might as well have just opened the trade and gone for a walk with the dog instead of staring at a screen for 3 hours. lol. Confirms to me that swing trading is the way.

Dow may be looking at about 17650ish if you look at the chart below. You don’t get just one white candle in the recent trading pattern.