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Finding an area to enter the long wasn’t the difficult part.

For stops my best guess was below the thick black line which was a previous break-out back test of the falling trendline:

DOW 4 hourly 21st Feb 2015 photo DOW4hourly21stFeb2015_zps187f3bfb.png

A relatively simple theory that paid off on this occasion.

The really difficult bit now is whether the trade can be re-entered (as I closed it around 17,980 and price is already 150 points higher – not an expected move usually seen on a Friday night, more so on OpEx.

As for “covering the grouting”, it will actually cover the cost of tiles and that’s for the entire room to be tiled. Fell in love with some tiles at Topps Tiles. Price came to £1480 for 15 sq. metres. There was no way I’d pay that for a few boxes of tiles so I researched and hunted down the manufacturer whom I eventually found in Italy and contacted directly. Tiles en-route to me right now – £386 delivered from Italy!

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