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Hi RS re your WBAC valuation I wonder how your appointment went. Their aim is to reduce your online valuation by about 20% hoping most punters already consider their car”sold” before they even turn up for the appointment and will still sell. They chip you if youve only one ignition key even though when the car is resold at your local British Car Auctions (as every single one of their purchases are) the missing key is conveniently not mentioned by the auctioneer so doesnt result in a lower sale price and you and the auction purchaser are the only losers. Any other defects, real or imaginary, will be heavily marked down though they wont spend a bolt on any refurbishment. Incidentally WBAC was bought out by BCA just about a year ago – quite a profitable if rather dubious all in house business. If youre selling your car (the M3) you`ll probably do ok with a private sale as its a fairly old one I believe. Whatever WBAC pay theyll be reckoning on a trade buyer at auction giving them a grand or so profit so the offer price I would suspect is not that astounding, you must have bought keenly in the first place. Good luck

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