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The problem with the post was something to do with the apostrophe’s and the forum thinking it was HTML code. I just removed them in the end and will look into the issue when I get time.

As for the WBAC quote…. Here’s the full story:

They quoted £10,780 which is just under what I paid for it 2 Years ago with 23k less miles (There were a few extras thrown in worth around £1700 which I’d obviously sell separately). So I went ahead and booked an appointment which I’ve just got back from.

They knocked off £338 for every panel that had a stone chip on and £90 off for stone chips on each bumper.

Straight away that knocked off £1104 for the front wings, bonnet and front bumper.

Then another £338 for a scratch on the rear quarter, which isn’t actually a scratch its just a mark left by the mop when I polished it and this would come out easily. I disputed this and he agreed with me and added it back onto the value.

Then he spotted a tiny chip on the rear bumper and knocked another £90 off.

On the basis I can get the panels painted at £150 per panel I asked if I got it painted would he honour the original valuation of £10,780 and he said yes as long as I get it done within the next 6 days.

All in all after some haggling he agreed to take the car off me there and then for £9650 and said he could call the area manager and get them to agree £10,000.

I said no and left.

However in hindsight I thought it wasn’t too bad. At the end of the day something could go wrong tomorrow that costs a grand to fix.

All in all to have owned the M for 2 years and done 23,000 miles and only losing £1000 from what I paid (less £1700 of extras to sell) doesn’t sound too bad as an easy and quick sale.

The only problem would be finding something to replace it…. and there isn’t really anything I’d want instead that’s affordable.

Took a photo of it before going to the appointment just in case I did do a deal:

M3 cleaned March 2015 photo IMG_85683_zps0da4ae4d.jpg

The values of E46 M3’s have gone up. Normally they go up in summer and down in winter but this winter they are holding onto last summers top prices. After some thinking the reasons became obvious (to me).

With pump prices dropping my fuel bill has gone down from £480 on a heavy Month to just £280 on an average Month. This has clearly spiced up the market.
Secondly, where else can you get a superb, timeless, RWD performance car with guaranteed classic status for under £12k? I’ve been looking and can’t find anything else that gives what the M3 does in that respect – A family car with a family boot, looks good, accelerates swiftly, cruises at 100mph+ at 3000 RPM, can do airport runs with an entire family and 3 suitcases, suitable for the daily commute, suitable for a Sunday afternoon blast, and still holds its own on a track day.