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It’s a pity no one posts on advfn anymore. Can the two not exist (no question make because of course they can) ileeman started a new thread and none of you contribute. I’m sure I speak for all who still post there, we miss you sob. Please come back and post there as well.
Here is the thread.
I do not give a monkeys who starts a thread. It’s just a thread! If the thread gets taken over by maniacs that’s another matter. This new one has not been taken over by maniacs so you can post there as well as here. No?
What can I add while i’m here? ermmm nothing really concrete. I have speculated it maybe a few weeks before we see this qe anticipated buying frenzy taper off a bit.
I’d like to know what’s going on really. Where’s all this qe money supposed to be going, what’s it supposed to achieve? Wasn’t it just some knee jerk response to something that eveyone’s now completely forgotten about?
At the time it was; ohh Marios got to deliver or else. Now it’s all old news and you look back and see it for what it is/was. An excuse to bail out banks. A puff of nothing at all. Only the legacy of the blackmail remains.
If you can conjure 60 billion a month for 18 months out of thin air, then what the hell are we worrying about Greece, or any of the other PIGS, for?
Why worry about anything ever again. It’s not about trying to depress a currency?
At the Davos conference all the government finance heads were in unison. we do not interfere with the EU, Mr dragi does all that, we do fiscal domestic, next question. 60 billion a month for 18months, and no one bats an eye. It’s normal1
Dax was at 9380 on the 6th of January. Now 11340. a 20% jump in 10 weeks…A stated goal was to raise inflation. what a load of crock. They will do anything except what’s right and painful. Have cake, eat cake, get more cake to eat.

ps one thing that’s good about this board compared to advfn, it is more private. You can state a view without feeling everyone who’s in the business can profit from it and maybe go against you.