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The problem with the new ADVFN thread is simple.

The idiots will eventually find it and follow.

Over the years there have been many threads and they all got ruined in the end. For me it started on the Wanna Play FTSE thread in 2008 which was single-handedly ruined by one poster (MTG), then we migrated to Index Traders Corner Thread started by Mr Aboii (jpalmer25) but after 2 Years he no longer had time to moderate it after that same poster discovered it and ruined it.

That was 2010 so I started T.I.Ts thread. I couldn’t advertise it openly as we didn’t want the idiots following so I was chuffed when the first few posts started to appear from reputable posters. That thread went unnoticed by the idiots for almost 4.5 years and must have been one of the most successful threads on ADVFN, getting on for 6 million page views now. Sadly it couldn’t last forever and who’d have known DJ2 and MTG (now PF1) would be a match made in heaven!

Coming home from work to find 400 posts to read through after a quiet day on the market only to find 2 decent informative posts became too much of a slog so I went blue again to fully moderate it but the moderation tools were no longer working and ADFVNs solution was to start a new thread which objected to.

ADVFN were unhelpful and after a few complaints from me they had the audacity to shut down my affiliation account (which was £5 per sign up, and I never got paid a penny of it), so I requested they cancel and refund my blue membership before I took further action.

That was that and it inspired me to update this website and add a forum to it, so here we are.

I have some quite sophisticated tools in place to block certain IP addresses and even recognise when those users attempt to post from new IP addresses, and thus far it has worked well – look at the big gaps between many of the post ID#numbers on this forum – they are posts/users that have been blocked.

As for the new ADVFN thread – if it stays quiet as it is now it may remain under the radar for considerable time, but eventually if reputable posters are spotted posting there it will end up being trashed.

Its a pattern of events I can’t be bothered with anymore and this site has as much available as ADVFN does, including streaming charts and the original thread header from T.I.Ts.

If it fails it fails, but I’ll do my best to keep it high quality.

Finally, is anyone still in touch with smudgeroo? Someone attempted to log into his user account on here, possibly through hacking his personal email address and getting his login details, so I dropped him an email and restricted his account but he’s not been in touch.