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Found it difficult to trade again today.

I’ve taken so many trades and held them for what seems like an eternity and then suddenly price will reverse the entire move in 30 seconds.

Virtually all the intraday moves of 20 points or more all occurred within a minute or 2 so whilst the chart looks like its going somewhere its practically impossible to catch the moves.

Price will flat line for 10 minutes and you are poised to enter the break, then in the last 3 seconds of a 1 minute candle it will spike 10 points, then the next candle will spike another 10 points within 3 seconds of its open, then it wont move for 55 seconds, then the next candle will do the same in the first 3 seconds of opening.

if you watch the 1 minute DOW chart you’ll often see that the candle’s real move occurs in the last few seconds and the subsequent candle in the first few seconds.

Today I took a couple of big wins but lots of small losses (opposite to yesterday) to end the day in a modest profit.

Currently have 2 positions open – a DOW long from 18,089 which I’ve no idea whether to hold or not (opened at 7pm and 4 hours on its still only +10 points).
The second position is a short term swing long on NZD:USD. Not looked at the chart yet to see whether I’ll hold it for longer or not, held it for a couple of days and its currently +44 points.