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I’ve had a good session today clearing over £400 profit thus far.

I doubt I’ll take further trades but if I do they’ll be small and well timed, so unlikely to make much more than another £50 between now and close.

Whilst I do have some very bad trading periods that have cost me when I least need it in the past, its a good feeling that trading the last Month has entirely paid for my new bathroom – £3209 including today’s profit.

If anybody needs wall or floor tiles, I’ve found a supplier who has excellent, personalised customer service, ordered my chosen tiles directly from the factory in Italy and delivered to my home address (these weren’t tiles he stocked – I enquired whether he could get them and he did), all delivered for £1000 less than Topps Tiles! British business at its best and definitely in my top 3 of all companies I’ve dealt with for quality service. If you ever need tiles, send me a message and I’ll put you in touch.

(No.1 Company I’ve ever dealt with is TSO host – the hosting company for this website – truly outstanding).