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In the end I didn’t take the AUD:CAD swing short targeting sub 95.00 before my holiday. Wish I had now as the target was achieved and would have delivered a 400 point profit.

Unfortunately I chose to run a FTSE swing long from 6989 (entered 20th March) with stops at 6689 (just below the 11th March swing low that went to 6692). The trade was stopped out on 1st April (of all days) for a 300 pip loss. That trade demonstrates just how tough this game can be as price dipped just 17 points below my stop over a 5 minute time period and would now be back to 50+ points in profit.

Basically within 5 mins of turning the screen off on the afternoon of 24th March price never went a single point higher, it just headed straight to my stop loss, and on landing yesterday and seeing FTSE at 7040 I expected to be logging in to see a 60 point profit!