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Thursday up 21 of the last 29.

No idea where Indices are going. Indicators suggested a big move this Week, but despite Monday’s fairly large sell off I don’t know which direction the big move will be, or even whether Monday was it.

The only other notable thing is that yesterday’s low had no (downwards) protruding candle wicks on the 4 hourly time frame – There is only 1 other swing low in history on the 4 hourly timeframe that didn’t have protruding wicks and that was on 30th August 2012, but arguably that was nulled by the double bottom that occurred the following Week.

Another thing to note is that Monthly MACD has crossed negative on DOW. I can’t spot any previous time in history where that has happened whilst price is still achieving all time highs – it is normally lagging and crosses after a correction has started, or more usually, towards the end of the correction when price is retesting previous highs, but on this occasion there hasn’t been a correction yet.