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Never really expected it to take off…. So many people have gone it alone over the years and none have lasted.

Doesn’t help that I’ve not really been updating the site, and that’s mainly because I’ve not been taking swing trades very often.

I find it harder to take a trade these days as virtually every set-up I’ve seen before, and I’ve seen them fail so many times I end up just watching them play out rather than committing to them.

The only trade I’ve taken recently was a CAD:JPY long, held from early May to early June, and after 1 Month showing just 50 points profit so I gave up and banked it. Price is around 100 points higher now but its still a slow mover, and the problem with slow movers is a Month worth of holding seems to end up being entirely undone in 1 bad day!

As for day trading, I’m still at it most days, but again, I win trade after trade after trade, then undo a Month’s work in 1 bad day, usually the outside (daily) bars screw me over as I’ll commit once the previous day’s high is broken, then an hour later the previous day’s low is broken and I’m stopped out, so I’ll reverse the trade short and a sudden rally will come and break the previous day’s high again…. those days are killers and with the chop we’ve seen over recent Months they are more common than ever.

Hope trading is going well for you too.

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