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It didn’t quite retrace 50% of yesterday’s candle but 17,686 was an old intraday support that looked like it would hold so I covered the position at 17,700 to take 51 points.

Today I took a long at 17,735 which I’m currently holding with a b/e stop. Price currently at 17,766 and the position is showing +31 pts.

Other positions I’m currently holding are:

AUD:NZD short from 1.0707 which is currently showing +130 pts.
GBP:USD long from 1.5250 of which I closed 75% at 1.5480 for +230 points and I still hold the remaining 25% which is currently showing +62 points.
EUR:USD long from 1.0975 which I only bought today and is currently showing breakeven.

U.S Indices do look overbought and I really don’t get the logic of them rallying so hard, but at the moment there’s no obvious signs of a pull back. Today’s marginal new high came a bit too soon after yesterday’s new high, could be a double top, but more likely we’ll see another squirt higher before a decent pull back.