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EUR:USD long closed for +29 points.

Today’s high was my upside target but I wasn’t near a screen to check on it during the 3 hour period it was up there and I hadn’t set a limit order.

Unsure what to do with the AUD:NZD short…. its showing good profit but I think its still too early from a technical perspective to move stop to breakeven…. Do I bank the 160 points profit or do I stick to the technical’s and let the stop do its work? Tempted to bank on this one, or at least close out at the first signs of any strength.

The GBP:USD long has stops at breakeven and a target of 1.5735 which would deliver just under 500 pips profit (remember this is only 25% of the original position as I banked 75% on the last rally).

I took another DOW trade today, a long as there’d been no sign of any real weakness all afternoon. It immediately descended 150 points and I lost everything I’d made from it over the last couple of days. In hindsight the trade was stupid because the 17:45 high (which I’d bought) turned out to be a lower high against the previous 2 intraday highs. I should have waited for confirmation before considering a long…. Its so obvious, but I was blind to it at the time.