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    good evening all.
    Bracke:why close Cable swing?Have you seen something new?
    One nice intraday set up for me in Cable tonite.
    Considering 15 min chart.

    1)Price washed the previous 3 bars and made a new low..flow down for time being.

    2)”True” level of sellers in grey lines..this levelis where i would want to be looking for shorts

    3)Price spikes up to the wash level and upper parallel of blue PF.Perfect!The plan has come together.
    Short at red circle..
    R/R better than 3:1
    We got a stop above last wash
    We have a target..ther median line of the PF(80% succues rate in tagging median line)

    4)target hit.Out

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    Nice trade Wernluck.

    I was actually long right up to your short entry point, but after closing the trade didn’t even consider reversing the position.

    GBP:NZD has been on a mission lately, another one I’d not looked at for a while.


    morning RS
    it is utter madness!
    i have retired from trading that one 😉



    If you bought the lower lows and sold the higher highs you’d be doing quite well!

    If your someone who loses money on everything you trade, try sticking to your strategy but trading GBP:NZD – you’ll make a mint!


    I might buy the next GBP:NZD retrace.

    Looking at past events of similar set-ups, moves like the current one can extend significantly.

    I took a “paper trade” long an hour ago and its already 113 points higher since then.


    I don’t usually screen watch in the afternoons, but the DOW seems overly frisky and without much direction, albeit currently down a bit.

    Which sort of sums up my trading today, every time I go long it drops and vice-versa!


    Looks like it will be chop tonight, maybe till the last 30 mins.

    Take your position with small stakes and wait.

    I’m presently short, around +26 at the moment, stop at b/e, and will take +30 to +35 if I can get it.


    AXA explain why ECB QE wont work:

    “AXA Investment Managers doesn’t plan on selling much of its assets to ECB under QE, given its investment mandates for specific holdings and a lack of opportunities to put cash received to work. Low yields don’t necessarily mean more lending to the real economy; time and confidence are key elements and last 6 years have shown QE can’t control those.”

    ECB crushed those AXA comments with this responsive statement:





    I have just looked at the cable chart and I am typing this through tears of anguish. Cable has reached my original target!!

    I was keeping an eye on it all through yesterday, it appeared reluctant to drop below the three horizontal channel lines. I knew I was going to be out all day today and did not want to leave it so closed it for four measly points. I am distressed but such is the trading life, one lives and learns.

    You will have done well with the short. Well traded.

    I’m off to drown my sorrows.



    Thought I was the only one with that strategy.


    Well I’ve had a brilliant 3 hours of dow scalping today. I didn’t trade or post today because I was running around banbury and coventry and no time to actually screen watch. I often stop at a costa for a bit of me time but due to staff illness problems I’m having to cover for a couple of guys. When I got home at 6ish I decided to try the dow which is not my favourite index.

    Any how 9 trades and +228 points. I thought that was pretty good until I looked at my first entry and I see that the dow is over 250 points higher now. I might as well have just opened the trade and gone for a walk with the dog instead of staring at a screen for 3 hours. lol. Confirms to me that swing trading is the way.

    Dow may be looking at about 17650ish if you look at the chart below. You don’t get just one white candle in the recent trading pattern.


    Nice trading georgeski.

    True about scalping.

    During consolidation that’s bouncing up and down a 40 point range I can make 250+ points in one session.

    But once a rally starts as it did tonight I rarely make as many points as I would had I just left it.

    Stats say today’s DOW low should get broken eventually, if that happens the next target would be 16th December low.

    In reality I have a support line bang on today’s lowest pip. That support line was put on the chart as resistance during the chop in July last Year.


    I have a few days off next Week, so if anybody thinks there’s ways to improve the look of the forum, or make it easier to use, let me know.

    Can’t promise anything, and personally I’m happy with it at the moment. I have Chrome set to 125% zoom, and at that size the forum looks absolutely perfect, as do all websites, most of which the text is too small at 100%. However this probably varies from monitor to monitor as its fine at 100% on other monitors, but this one is a 16:10 (I hate 16:9’s) set at 1920 x 1200.


    Eur/Cad back up to wash level/upper parallel in the daily chart


    some great separation on Eur/Cad…interesting to see how the day ends.

Viewing 15 posts - 151 through 165 (of 460 total)
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