Last Week’s Swing Trading Round-Up; 17th June 2013

Last Week’s Swing Trading Round-Up; 17th June 2013

Due to family circumstances I was unable to update last Week’s trading over the Weekend. Nonetheless you haven’t missed much as no new trades were taken.

This morning I entered a GBP:NZD long with a view to posting the analysis tonight, but within a few hours the trade was showing +176 points so I just banked it. I’ll continue to watch the chart with a view to trading the long side again if we see further confirmation that a correction low is in place.

GBP:USD remains at the top of the watch list and briefly entered the zone where I’ll consider entering a swing short. I don’t think there’s a great rush to jump into the trade considering my analysis is based on the Monthly chart. Ideally I’m looking for enough resistance in the area between 1.5751 and 1.5780 to force a reversal as detailed in this post.

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