RS2OOO’s Outrageous 2012 Economic Predictions

RS2OOO’s Outrageous 2012 Economic Predictions

As a bit of light hearted fun to pass away the holidays I’m running a competition on my ADVFN forum for the most outrageous 2012 economic predictions – with a prize for the most unlikely one that becomes reality.

Here’s a few I’ve entered…..

1. DOW yearly candle produces an outside bar (higher high and lower low).

2. Retail sector becomes the big story of 2012 and outperforms by miles whilst financials flat line.

3. political issues in the East cause major oil supply disruption and prices briefly spike to over $300 per barrel before reversing the whole move.

4. Australia falls out with China who stop buying their commodities leading to an Australian recession.

5. Apple use their entire cash base to buy out Facebook but due to regulatory issues they are banned from monetizing it; Apple shares dive 60%

6. North Korea sends all it’s top athletes to the London Olympics and they clean up massively.

7. Iran share their nuclear secrets with the U.S and they become allies!

8. UK recovers faster than any other nation becoming a major leading economic force with huge upside to GDP.

9. Eurozone attempt to fix their problems by lending to ECB who then lend back to the countries on a fractional reserve basis. Smaller countries vote to leave the Euro leaving France and Germany in a mess and begging UK for bailout help.

10. France asks Britain if it can take on the British Pound as it’s national currency.

  • Razor Swing Trader
    Posted at 01:37h, 28 December

    I love number 10.

  • RS2OOO
    Posted at 01:54h, 28 December

    Yeah… I like it too. Guess my French readership is about to drop off somewhat…if only I could short it!

    I like your blog, will be following it.