This Week’s Swing Trading Review – 2nd February 2014

This Week’s Swing Trading Review – 2nd February 2014

Over the last Week I’ve had significant problems with internet connection drop-outs which have prevented me from trading.

Of the 3 potential trades in my previous post EUR:JPY soon became the favourite and an ideal short entry target was achieved on the spike following the Turkey interest rate decision. Unfortunately I didn’t even have the bandwidth to log into my trading platform to enter the trade and then attempted to take the trade from my phone only to be blocked due to being “logged in elsewhere”.

That trade has since hit my downside target (1.47 region) and therefore the opportunity is missed.

Until these internet connection issues are resolved I’m unable to reliably access streaming charts so haven’t been able to carry out my normal analysis.

Hopefully this will get sorted sooner rather than later as there’s plenty of volatility around right now, and therefore good money to be made.


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