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I'm somewhat late posting details of this trade as it was entered by an electronic limit order at a time where I had no internet connection to tweet it live, although details of the trade possibility were posted on the ADVFN forum in advance. In short, here is what attracted me to this trade, entered at 1.4260:

I've been itching to post about my long term outlook for GBP:CAD for ages now and have been running a couple of small trades on and off  the long side for a couple of Months now but haven't reached the level of confidence required to really jump into these in size or with real commitment. Now that might be changing and here I present you with a trio of trading opportunities to make the most out of a bearish Canadian Dollar.

Approximately 18 Months ago I projected a USD CAD low in the region of 0.9400 - 0.9460 This low was subsequently achieved earlier this year but this came without any real capitulation which kept me out of the long entry I'd waited so long for. Neither did my generally reliable system give a long signal on the rise from that low, so I post this analysis with relative caution.