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AUD:CAD remains one of the few pairs I'm still watching. Having misplaced the stop loss on the previous swing short attempt I'm keeping an eye on it for a new short entry on confirmation of a lower high. Most time frames offer the same story and I've gone for the 4 hourly here as it compresses the data quite well. If the planned swing short is to remain a valid proposal then I'd like to see

Having taken a closer look at most of the Swing Trade candidates for next Week I've concluded that most FX pairs I'm watching need at least another session to determine their viability. By the same token so do Indices and although we are seeing strong bearish signs we've yet to see a confirmed lower high. Flicking through a number of blogs it's quite clear that

I've no idea of the answer to that question right now. Bank of England Governor Mervyn King recently warned in the event of  a Eurozone collapse we could see a rush of investors buying the British Pound taking it to unsustainable levels. The MPC is likely to expand it's asset purchase program of £275 billion which I think GBP is already pricing in, however